Masar Project

Project Task (BIM Development)

• Architectural BIM development for 7 pedestrian
under passes.
• LOD 350.
Pedestrian Underpass tunnels connect the 60 m wide
GrandPedestrian Boulevard with the North or South
In line with the latest PUR design, and following several
coordinations and interfaces, the pop-up design of the
Pedestrian Underpasses reflects the same conceptual
approach to have a unified language and architectural
treatments within the boulevard. The same external column was used and arranged in a
rotated way following the flowing roof.

The underpass comprises a cut and cover pedestrian
underpass tunnel and two building pop-up entrance
structures. These entrance buildings from both sides
are typical, approximately 7x21m

Architectural BIM development for 4 vehicular
• LOD 350.

The 8.1 meters width of underpass vehicular tunnels
are designed by different styles of wavy panels
attached to the walls

Katara Tower

Project Task (Shop Drawing)

Project Analysis:
Katara Hospitality is one of the first investors that
understood the significance of the project, commiting to developing the hospitality icon of Qatar for
the 21st century. Symbolically intertwined with Qatar’s heritage, the Iconic Towers in Lusail are an architectural translation of Qatar’s national seal, representing the traditional scimitar swords.
Scope Of Work:
Architectural finishing shop drawings.
• Dry wall drawings.
• Screed drawings.

Planning a drywall layout involves more than just selecting the right type of drywall, it will also need to
study the right materials, and make sure the materials are selected and drawn in the professional way.

Iraq Dawali Hospital

Project task (Design & Engineering)

According to the given specifications, Iraq Dowli Private Hospital is designed by Quadro as a single volume with a curved edge at the intersection of two
main roads in Basra. The hospital is consisted of 6
floors around 1500 m2 each and around 12210 m2
total build up area, recognizing 78 patient beds.
The departments of the hospital are:
• Emergency.
• Clinics (7 units).
• Pharmacy.
• Endoscopy.
• Laboratory.
• Radiology department:
• Fluroscopy.
• X-ray.
• Mri.
• CT scan.
• Echography.
• Mammography.
• Intensive care (9 units).
• Labor delivery.
• Operating theater (6 units)
• Morgue

Al-Arab Hospital-Jeddah

Project Task (BIM Development)

Al Gharb (West) General Hospital

Project task (Design & Engineering)

Quadro has been tasked with designing and consulting on the Al Gharb General Hospital in Abey, Aley
district, Mount Lebanon.
A luxurious multi-storey hospital building with a capacity of 81 beds, planned according to international standards in the health sector, to provide the necessary health care and services for the clients.
The hospital consists of a building with a total area
12,880 sqm.
The departments include:
Ground floor: 2480sqm. Entrance, waiting
area, and private emergency department.
First floor: 2200 sqm. Patient rooms,
intensive care unit, elderly section.
Second floor: 1700 sqm. Conference room,
and elderly section.
Basement 1: 2500 sqm. Laboratory, clinics,
physiotherapy, imaging department
(MRI, city scan, mammography, Xray).
Basement 2: 2500 sqm. Operating theatre,
recovery units, pharmacy, CSSD, morgue.
Basement 3: 1500 sqm. Service floor.

The Frame - Villa

Project task (Design & Engineering)

On the top of Niha Mountain, the 2 storey villa is designed with a concrete frame surrounding the main
functions. A different volumetric shape infringes the
cube-shaped building to serve certain functions
and add more dynamism to the project. To benefit
from natural light and air at the top of Niha mountain, transparency is taken into consideration. In a
relationship it has to be the expanse of large open
outdoor areas to embrace the valley, and extend the
interior spaces out.

Cube House

Project task (Design & Engineering)

This family villa is designed by Quadro Consult. The
priority of the design is to respect the surrounding
and have a cubic building with stone cladding and
brick roof with an obvious chimney element to the
back yard side.
Ground Floor:
Guest bedroom
First Floor:
Family room
Study room
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms


Project task (Design & Engineering)

B Horizon House is a unique of a kind villa in the high Chouf
mountain in which we try to respect the surroundings and
design a modern type of architecture. The materials used
are a combination of ceramic tiles and stone cladding, in addition to the wood ceiling for the terraces. The first sketches drawn for the project were inspired by a relationship between horizontal


Project task (Design & Engineering)

37 km above Beirut, the village of Qornayel in Mount Lebanon is famous by its pine trees. Quadro was chosen to
design a chalet compound on a high sloped land without
cutting any of the trees. The main challenge in the project is traversing the steep slope and bringing the client in
contact with the landscape. We design new ideas, unlike
the surrounding by taking advantage from the inclined
roof by having skylights in it for entering as much as we
can enter natural light into the building. The buildings are
distributed in a way that two of them have the same functions (2 apartments each) and a common floor combining them with 3 bedrooms. The third chalet is a luxurious
three-storey chalet and an extension to an embedded sitting area, and all buildings have access to the infinity pool
with a bar.and vertical lines in a way to make an approach
to the entrance with a hierarchy for the terraces


Project task (Design & Engineering)

On two different lots near the main road, two
related villas are designed by Quadro.
The similar designs have the same program
functions, but the main focus is on the
terraces because of their view of the main
road and the Bisri valley.
Each villa has its own entrance and access
to the back yard where there is a second
parking space for 2 cars.
The main elevation is glass to benefit from
the natural light and the fantastic view.